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Create, Host, Share and Sell your Knowledge with Link Learning

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Erstellen eigene Wissenspakete

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Teile dein Wissen

Promote deine Wissenspakete

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Link Learning Mobile App

Online und offline Nutzung

Notizen und Markierungen möglich

Integrierte Wissenstests

Personalisiertes Dashboard

Verfolgbarer Lernprozess

Mulit-User freundlich

Mobile Knowledge

Link Learning is a portal and an app for mobile devices which allows users to create, share or complete knowledge packages.

Various Content

A Link Learning knowledge package might include eTraining, a guided tour, a handbook, or anything else with informational value.

Offline Usability

The knowledge content packages can be used both online and offline on all mobile devices that have the Link Learning app installed.

Share Knowledge

The intuitive user interface makes it possible to share knowledge packages with a specific group or with all users worldwide.