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About Patrik Troell

Patrik Troell is a former successful windsurfer. After winning not only the Swedish but also the European championship, he became the world windsurfing champion on Lake Garda in 1985.

After his official windsurfing career came to an end, Patrik studied development engineering and formed his first company in tandem, creating the first simulations of watersports for PCs.

Since then, Patrik Troell has turned his passion into his career by pursuing his enthusiasm for innovative digital products. 
Those first steps into the business world led to the beginnings of the now-prosperous internet agency Link Innovation, which was established more than 30 years ago.

Link Innovation works on projects for medium-sized customers, as well as for major corporations, for example, the Volkswagen Group.

Using his years of experience in developing successful E-Learning projects, Patrik Troell and his capable team are developing their own E-Learning software Link Learning, which is currently being perfected.

Common to all of Patrik Troell’s projects is the passion and commitment he invests into each aspect of his work, ensuring that he and the people he works with always achieve optimal results.