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Every knowledge package is available online and offline. Knowledge, anytime and anywhere.

Use predesigned templates to create your packages with text, videos, photos or audio.

The learning packages can be divided into chapters, enabling structured learning.

Users can add their own bookmarks, notes or highlights in their personal area.

Link Learning is the perfect E-Learning software for all mobile devices because of its unique user interface and integrated test modules.

The knowledge creators can decide if they would like their knowledge packages to be available to the whole market, or only for a small group of users.

Features for professionals


The multi-user feature allows different users to sign up on the same device, so that each user can progress individually with their eLearning.


Changes to existing knowledge packages will be automatically updated for all users.

Rights and roles

Rights and roles can be assigned quickly and intuitively, allowing you to control who has access to your knowledge packages.

Time lock

It is possible to set a time stamp to limit the usage of knowledge packages.

Log in control

To ensure content on mobile devices is current and up to date, regular log-in requirements can be set up for users.